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Write World-Class Poetry Like the Masters

Have you ever dreamed of writing world-class poetry or being a world-class poet?

No, Iím not dreaming (OK, maybe just a little).

Actually, you can be whatever you set your mind to (sound familiar?). The truth is, world-class poets are born, not made Ė uhm, I mean, MADE not BORN (My bad Ė insert nervous chuckle here).

All reality begins with a dream. Those who donít dream great things never experience great things. If thatís true, and I believe it is, then you need to DREAM! Create a dream and chase that dream with passion and energy and you will live a world-class life. You will be the envy of everyone around you. In essence, to write world-class poetry like a world-class poet you first have to be a world-class dreamer. But thatís not all.

You have to act like a world-class poet, think like a world-class poet and in everything you do BE a world-class poet. World-class poets study those who paved the way before them Ė much like the way world-class architects study the architects who preceded them. Do you think Frank Lloyd Wright just woke up one day and decided to design buildings?

You, my poetic friend, are an architect of words. You must design yourself before you can design your poetry. But how do you do that? In a word, you


Thatís write (get it?) Ė sorry, bad habit. But the truth is, STUDY is the way of the world-class poet.

World-class poets study other poets: their poetry, their craft, their styles, their techniques, their tones, EVERYTHING! Not so they can copy them but so they can emulate them through their own poetic style.

In essence, you can learn from others - poets you like, poets you don't like and poets you've never heard of - and become a poet whose craft is respected and emulated by others.

By paying homage to those who have gone before you, you set the stage for your own success and carve a new path for others to follow. When you have done that, then you know you have reached the level of WORLD-CLASS POET and you are well on your way to writing WORLD-CLASS POETRY. Now, let's get started!

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